Over the past decade, our team at d&b has been steadfastly committed to enhancing the sustainability of our operations, services and products.

This commitment isn't just a motto; it's a practice we live by — "walk the talk.&#34. Our journey has been enriched by collaborations with partners and artists, supporting various projects aimed at making live entertainment more sustainable for several years.

Drawing on this rich experience and the lessons we've learned, we've developed this unique support toolkit. This toolkit is designed to aid the global live event industry on its collective journey towards achieving climate neutrality and sustainability in all events latest by 2050.

The impact analysis in our service builds on science-based international sustainability standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and GRI Protocol. The impact calculation is conducted by akaryon and its ESG Cockpit sustainability assessment methods following the latest international standards. The analysis covers greenhouse gas emissions as well as further sustainability and impact measures that go beyond carbon, such as, for example, the accessibility of events and venues.

In addition, international sustainability standards, management systems and frameworks specific to the event industry were systematically analyzed, and the assessment was based on their recommendations.

We've incorporated feedback from numerous event consultants and sustainability institutes to create an entry-level tool. While it's designed to be accessible, it also provides early, future-proof directions towards achieving long-term sustainability goals.

The results of the service and the provided report are based on data entered and stored by users of the service. d&b has no influence on the accuracy of this data, as it is provided solely by the users. Accordingly, neither d&b nor akaryon accept any liability for the topicality, accuracy and completeness of the data or the provided reports.

We're aware that this tool isn't perfect. There's room for incorporating more detailed data points, and we're continuously working on enhancements. This is where you, the user, play a crucial role. Your feedback is invaluable. By sharing your experiences and suggestions, you help us refine and improve this tool, making it more effective for everyone.

We hope the d&b SustainSymphony will be a practical and inspiring tool for your everyday work.